A Certified Yoga Instructor from British School of Yoga

A Certified YogaNidra Instructor from Bihar School of Yoga


Weekly on Skype


Coronation Hall, Woodley

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Moushumi Patankar

Yoga & Yoganidra Instructor

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About Me

I cherish this wonderful and inspiring journey!

A combination of professional expertise in Library & Information Science with the passion for Yoga is a unique and fulfilling path. I feel immense happiness to share the benefits of Yoga with others and also contribute to charitable causes through your earnings.

Teaching and practicing Yoga and YogaNidra can have a positive impact on people's physical and mental well-being.

Allow Yourself to Bloom

Yoga nurtures your physical body and gives you another chance to love yourself.

Yoga works as Soil, Water, and the Sun to nurture your whole body, allow yourself to flourish, open up petal by petal, and bloom in all seasons!

You are most welcome to join my Online and

In-Person Yoga classes. If you would like to have online private sessions, please contact me.

virtual yoga class

Weekly in the morning on Skype

Monday - Friday: Morning 6:45 - 7:45

Wednesday - Friday: morning 9:15 - 10:15

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Get started

on the path to

holistic wellness.

Namaste to a

brand new you.

In-Person Yoga Sessions

Regular yoga sessions can contribute significantly to physical and mental well-being.

Coronation Community Hall

Woodley, Reading

Yoga at Carnival Hall, Basingstoke.

Initiative by

Basingstoke Hindu Society (BHS)

My Guru Mohanji

Finding a deep and instant connection with someone can indeed be a powerful and life-changing moment. It's wonderful that this encounter has helped me to discover the purpose of my life and brought a sense of fulfillment.

Mohanji’s guidance has made my life purposeful.

Journey started unfolding, combining my dedication to Yoga, spiritual practices, and the translation of spiritual texts into my native language, Marathi. A 'Mai-Tri Method Practitioner' and initiation into 'Consciousness Kriya' changed the whole perspective of my life.

Translating a book is not only a valuable contribution to making the content accessible to a broader audience but also a meaningful way to share important stories and experiences.

The translation of Mohanji's MAST book and Njanappana into Marathi language is a wonderful contribution, making these spiritual teachings more accessible to a wider audience. The creation of a video for Njanappana in Marathi further enhances the reach and impact of these teachings.

My next project is to translate "Home for a Refugee" by Devi Mohan (Mohanji’s wife). Translating such a work in Marathi language allows others to connect with and learn from the author's journey.

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Spiritual Experiences

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Reflecting on and documenting these experiences with Mohanji is a wonderful way to capture the transformative journey I've undergone. Writing down my experiences not only serves as a personal record but can also be a source of inspiration for myself and others.

Contact Me

If you have any questions regarding Yoga classes and want to reach out to me, Please Email me.

For more information you can also check my Social Media Page.

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